5 Spanish Startup Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Time and money are two luxuries most startups rarely have enough of. So, it’s no wonder that leaving your desk to attend a conference falls pretty far down the list of priorities. However, interacting with like-minded people who have different insights can do wonders for your network, as well as your motivation levels. The trick is finding the right event. Once you get that right, make sure you do your research, plan ahead, and get your marketing collateral in order to maximise the investment.


Here’s our pick of Spain’s best entrepreneurial events for 2018 that you’ll definitely want to be at.


  1. 4YFN

26-28 February 2018, Barcelona

4YFN (Four Years From Now) is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, and the event is held alongside the massive Mobile World Congress. This is the place to connect with investors, press, and analysts, looking for the latest technology successes. Last year’s sessions included ‘Pitch the Press’ and workshops on legalities to be aware of post seed funding. 4YFN also holds regular events throughout the year aimed at building tech startup communities around the world.


  1. Startup Olé

17-19 April 2018, Salamanca

Another one for the tech entrepreneurs. Startup Olé has built a strong reputation for driving success over the last three years and the fourth edition is expected to make the biggest impact yet. And did we mention it’s free? Supported by Startup Europe (European Commission), it showcases startups and facilitates connections with accelerators, investors, public administrations, policy-makers, and universities. The high-energy event also provides a forum to share experiences and develop synergies so that startups and scaleups can grow together. Last year saw over 400 startups, 50 accelerators, 40 corporates, 200 speakers, and 60 investors in attendance, with a total investment portfolio of over €5 billion.


  1. Inbounder Global Conference

25-26th April 2018, Madrid

Do you want to know more about using digital marketing as a tool to get noticed? If the answer’s yes, then this could be one of the most important events you attend. With the aim of becoming a reference point in the inbound marketing world, this two-day conference is all about offering actionable digital marketing advice and tactics to help you succeed. You will hear from leading experts in the sphere of digital transformation and culture and learn about branding, growth marketing, SEO, ecommerce, content marketing, content strategy, and digital PR.


  1. South Summit

October 2018, Madrid
Spain’s leading innovation event was founded during the economic crisis in 2012, underpinned by the belief that entrepreneurs had the power to reactivate the economy. It was a concept that rang true and South Summit now attracts 12,500 attendees from more than 100 nationalities, connecting the most innovative entrepreneurs with the most important investors around the world. Check out the annual Startup Competition, which finds the top 100 most disruptive startups from any industry and any country, with the aim of building a global platform for success.


  1. Startup Grind Barcelona

25th October, 2018, Barcelona

2017 marked the first year for this conference and it was some debut. Top investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and journalists came together from Europe and Silicon Valley to talk all things entrepreneurial and tech-focused. Next year will see a similar agenda of networking, mentor sessions, high-profile speakers, investor Q&As, and of course some impressive cocktail celebrations.  If you’ve not heard of it before, Startup Grind is a global startup community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs in 300 cities and 115 countries.


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