An Interview with Our Space member: Grill Kebab Group

Grill Kebab Group is an exciting new startup business that has been working from the Our Space Marbella office for a few months now in preparation for the launch of its new restaurants coming soon to Marbella. We interviewed one of Grill Kebab Group’s managers to find out more.

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Our Space (OS): Tell me about your business

GK: Grill Kebab Group is initially opening the first exciting phase of restaurants in Marbella with more to follow shortly over the Costa del Sol. We have 3 locations opening in and around Marbella in the immediate future, the first having just opened last week in Puerto Banús.

Over the past 10 years, many restaurants in Marbella have closed after one or two seasons, so finding a concept that will last has been very important for us as a brand. We believe that both locals and regular visitors have become tired of overpriced food and are looking for high quality establishments that are comfortable, with honest food at real prices. We want to be the kind of place you can just pop into after work for a quick bite, meet friends and feel at home.

OS: What concepts will the GK Group be opening in the coming months?

GK: We have three Grill Kebab concepts we are very excited to bring to diners, and a children’s club:

  1. GK Sports Pub has been designed with an urban chic look and feel – casual with a touch of an industrial feel. We hope that it appeals to all age groups locally. It’s very trendy and clean and the décor really brings fun to a night out, losing the stigma that sports bars are just for guys.
  2. GK Café is a comfortable place for breakfast, lunch or an evening cocktail. It has a great ambience where you will enjoy chilling and talking to friends in a laid-back environment. It once again caters for anyone looking for good food and a great time.
  3. GK Express opened last week. Based on the second line of Puerto Banús, it offers all the classics you’d expect: kebabs, burgers and pizzas – and all at a low cost. Options for eating out in Puerto Banús has become extremely expensive and we wanted to bring back good quality food at honest prices!
  4. We have also just opened a new style of children’s club called INTOOIT, which is based in Cristamar, Puerto Banús. It is a childcare drop-off service which is a perfect place for your children to learn new activities, play and make new friends in a safe, controlled environment.

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OS: How has being based at Our Space influenced your work?

GK: We were looking for a workspace while our office is under construction and Our Space was the perfect place to meet our needs. From the first day we were here, we were able to focus on our new business set up, building our restaurants, the menu and website.

We have an address, place to meet our suppliers, internet connection, printer – we’ve even undertaken staff interviews and training here, so this office has given us a place to grow and make everything happen. We’ve been able to share Grill Kebab with other coworkers in the office, telling them about our brand. So far many have been happy to support us with ideas over a cup of coffee, beer or lunch, or by giving their thoughts on our concept. This has helped us to get an initial “market opinion” as well as a following over social media.

OS: If someone were to ask what your favourite things about Our Space are, what would you say?

GK: It is such a beautiful, comfortable environment to work in. It feels relaxed, open with the ability to collaborate or exchange ideas with all those working within the space.


Learn more about the GK Group and INTOOIT:


Facebook: @Grillkebabcom, @Intooit


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