coworking spaces: the final frontier

The business world is an ever-changing landscape, full of ups and downs, successful ideas, false starts, and boundless creativity. Our workspace can either give us a competitive edge or turn prosperity into an uphill struggle. Overhead costs, employee flexibility, and a supportive environment will all likely play a part in whether a business survives or thrives.

So, how can coworking spaces help you navigate the business world?

Coworking spaces are cost-effective

To begin, let’s address the elephant in the room. Rental prices for startups across the globe aren’t exactly friendly. And in Dubai and the UAE, license fees can be a financial hit even before your company is up and running.

So, what’s the answer? Space – coworking spaces, to be precise. Welcome to an affordable alternative to the traditional office. Your company can save on rental costs and DEWA bills, which is money you can put into marketing, training and product development. Of course, when you grow and need more employees working, then moving into an office can be the next step.

Coworking spaces are learning spaces

Sure, you can save money, but who are you sharing your space with? With the right coworking space, you’ll be working alongside business-minded individuals who are just as focused and driven as you are. After all, there’s a reason why coworking spaces are described as ‘engines of innovation’ and ‘idea hubs’, especially for local talent. Using a coworking space is your chance to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative environment. Forward-thinking giants, such as Microsoft, have given some of their teams access to coworking spaces for exactly this reason.

Coworking spaces give you and your team flexibility

Coworking spaces can be a ‘best of both worlds’. If you’re looking for freedom, such as setting your own schedule without feeling stuck in the office, then take advantage of meeting spaces that are available when you need them. Companies that have teams that are out and about during the working day find these flexible meeting areas to be extremely helpful. However, if you need a more structured setting and a more focused environment, then a fixed desk or a fixed office space is the perfect fit.

Coworking spaces create a community

Running your own business can be a bit isolating, especially when you’re manning the whole show.Whether you’re a one-man/woman startup, an SME owner or a manager of a well-established agency, a coworking space could be right for you. In a coworking space, each member has access to the space’s activities and support services, as well as the sense of community that comes from working toward a common dream. Be part of a group of individuals and companies that are focused on achieving their business goals.

Our Space is a coworking space that can help your business grow. To learn more about how we can be part of your journey towards professional success, get in touch.

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