frequently asked questions

Yes, you can even make customised requests or design menus depending on your needs. Kindly contact a member of our team at least 72 hours prior to your meeting for such requests. 

Absolutely, every desk is equipped with complimentary wireless charging docks for mobile phones. A gentle reminder to ensure that your device is compatible with wireless charging technology. Also, as we do not provide laptop chargers, please do not forget to bring your own.

Our centre is accessible to members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so come on in anytime. Please note that some of the centre facilities will not be in operation, we will not be able to receive walk-in coworkers outside regular office hours. 

Members from other global Our Space centres do not need to pre-book a space at Our Space Dubai. You will get reciprocal access depending on your membership with us. We recommend contacting a member of our team to plan your visit, or for more information.

You are welcome to bring friends or colleagues to work with you any day. Please contact a team member at reception and we will gladly issue them a guest pass. Please note that depending on your type of membership, guest passes may be subject to a small fee. 

Yes, we would love to host you at Our Space. In fact, we recommend that you try it out! Please contact a member of our team to make an appointment so that we can welcome you on your day of choice. 

Of course, the more the merrier! You are welcome to work out of Our Space for the day or any number of days you require. While impromptu visits are always welcome, we recommend that you call in advance, so that we can have your guest pass ready for you upon arrival.

Yes, you can choose from complimentary parking behind the Lamborghini Dubai, metered hourly parking in front of the building, or a monthly subscription in the underground parking lot. A parking spot can also be reserved for you with an advance deposit. Please contact a member of our team for further information. 

Yes, lockers are available on a first come, first served basis. Locker space may be included depending on your membership. Please speak to a member of our team for more information.

Our Space Dubai is designed to be accessible to everyone, including those who might require assistance. The business centre is equipped with both ramps and toilets with wheelchair access for both genders. 

You are welcome to dress in a way that feels comfortable in order to do your best work. However, we encourage you to keep the comfort and respect of others in mind – conservative business or smart casual attire are recommended to help maintain a level of professionalism and social decorum, even during moonlighting hours.

We are pleased to offer three payment method options: credit or debit card, electronic bank transfer, or by cheque (the number of payable cheques are dependent on your payment terms).