How to Start a Business in Spain

Starting a business in Spain can take a lot of time. There are many forms to fill out, places to visit for meetings and queues to stand in, in order to receive your documentation. Knowing where to go, at what time, and understanding the language are all issues many expat business owners have struggled with. The process can be timely, expensive and very stressful.

Our Space Brief045.jpgAt Our Space, we want to make sure that our members have the right advice and support when setting up a new business. As a coworking office for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startup companies, we have set up a partnership with a government affiliated company, CADE who will come to the office to assist you, saving hours of queuing, form filling and money.

CADE was set up to help entrepreneurs with the pains of setting up a limited company. There is still a small cost, however you are simply paying government taxes, reducing your set up overhead considerably and ensuring you have the correct documentation from the start.

What do you have to do to set up a limited company?

  • Apply for your company name
  • Obtain a CIF (tax identification) number
  • Set up a bank account and deposit a minimum of €3010
  • Request a certificate of company funds
  • Set up the SL company
  • Sign the deed of corporation at an appointed notary
  • AEAT and Registro Mercantil to receive the company deed, social security registration

That’s a long list! Before you get started, you will need to have your NIE.

Cut the hassle out of what could be a lengthy and soul-destroying process. Let Our Space put you in touch with the right people. They will come to you and ensure that you have exactly what you need legally to make sure you are on the right track to success with your new business!

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