Marbella Welcomes Amrit Baxani to the Community


Company: Vanir eSports Club
Role: Founder
Industry: Online Gaming
Interesting Facts: Won 13th place at the Web Summit in 2016.
Also ran a company connecting start-ups with investors.

About Amrit

Amrit, tell us about your business…

Vanir is an online gaming company, we are consultants for E-sports clubs. The company was born to take the electronic sports sector to another level; national level. We are becoming a key e-Sport player in the Spanish landscape by helping professional sports teams secure large sponsorship for virtual games. Sport has now arrived at a digital level and we´re riding the wave!

What´s the Founding story behind Vanir?

Running my own business has been a goal of mine for a while. I worked for 3 start-ups previously, but none of them managed to launch their product due to lack of investment and team tensions. Only 1 in 10 start-ups succeed, so I wanted to make sure our company would be the one to succeed with the right investment and the right team in place.

What do your team, industry and clients look like?

Our team consists of world champions in online sports gaming, which has huge growth revenue potential as a sector worldwide. We monetise the business through memberships, sponsorship and virtual prizes; we work with exciting entrepreneurial brands including Monster, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Pokemon and Uber. We hope to soon be working with FIFA.

You’re clearly a born entrepreneur, do you have any other businesses on the go?

I´m currently working on a second start-up called ´Social´. The concept is an event listing and networking app; we´re developing a prototype for social groups to easily meet people who are interested in the same events. By using hashtags and keywords, the app automatically matches people interested in the same events. The app will also act as a deal site for offers on social activities and events.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Pretty healthy! I don’t drink alcohol or eat chocolate… fruit is my favourite! I´m a firm believer in staying healthy to stay productive.


Our Space Skill Exchange

What skills do you have to offer members?

Networking skills, I speak many languages, so I´m a good communicator. I´m also well equipped with sales skills (having sold to many big companies) and can help with database work.

Are there any skills you would draw upon from other members?

IT programming skills — if you have them, message me on the network or drop by and say hello whilst I´m hotdesking!

Challenges and Business Growth

What’s your biggest challenge?

Marbella can sometimes feel very isolated from the technology scenes in Barcelona and Madrid.

Our Space Update: Our Space Marbella has established a partnership with South Summit and their Start-Up Competition to connect Marbella technology start-ups to the larger tech ecosystems in Madrid and Barcelona.

How can we help your business?

You could invite your investors to also invest in member companies.

Our Space Update: We are organising an investment competition for Our Space members and other members of the Marbella business community. Those who gain entry onto the programme will receive a certain level of mentoring and coaching before the final few pitching their business to Our Space Investors. Watch this space… more details coming soon!

We are also looking for sponsorship at the moment.

Our Space Update: Great, send your proposal our way, we are all ears and all eyes!

Environment and Community

Is there anything the Our Space community can help you with?

Yes! We´re on the look-out for a CTO and Co-Founder. If anyone knows anyone who would be interested it would be great for them to reach out to me! We´re also doing consumer research for our new app, to find out what users want and why similar apps have failed in the past. It might be that later down the line we ask members to get involved with that.

Our Space: No problem, e-mail over the details and we´ll include it in our member newsletter. You can also advertise it on the member network!

In what kind of environment are you most productive?

When programming, I like to have music playing, but at other times I´ll need quiet time to focus and concentrate. I enjoy being productive in the mornings and generally work healthy hours, but if push comes to shove and extra work is needed for important projects, I will stick at it and work 16 or 24 hours straight.

Our Space Update: If you need down time to focus, try the white desks behind the booths in the cafeteria, they are usually very quiet! We´re also open 24 hours to help with the heavy workloads!

How can we help improve the work environment for you?

  1. Buy a microwave to heat our packed lunches

Our Space Update: Your wish is our command! You will now find the microwave in the cafeteria!

  1. Introduce us to niche members also in gaming industry.

Our Space Update: Of course, you should meet Ken Leonard, one of our dedicated desk members who is also an online gaming professional and featured on RTV Marbella this week when they came to interview our members!

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