Ramadan 2018- 7 Ways to Work Smarter during the Holy Month

The Holy Month of Ramadan is already under way and for many who are fasting, celebrating and giving back to the community, productivity at work may be a concern. Whilst working hours are reduced, for most people the workload doesn’t change. Blood sugar levels are likely to be low for those fasting, which may make it a struggle to concentrate on work. Not to mention of course the late-night celebrations and early starts. Even for those not fasting, the reduced office hours can make it difficult to stay on top of everything.However, we’ve gathered some tips that can help you stay on top of your schedule during Ramadan this year and provide you with some work-life balance:


Work during the morning 

Schedule most of your tasks early in the morning. Chances are you won’t be going back to bed after eating your morning meal and it would be sensible to utilise this time to get some of your work out of the way. Get ahead of your emails by replying to them. You can always use tools that schedule your emails to go through automatically at the time you desire.


Prioritise your tasks 

Plan your work schedule in advance so you know your priorities during this time. Planning ahead of time can help you focus your time in a systematic manner. Always make sure that tasks that are of high importance and require concentration are booked in for the mornings. The less important tasks can be accomplished later.


Try and reduce your meetings to calls 

Where possible, limit offsite meetings during Ramadan. Try an alternative solution to meeting your clients such as video calls or even just a phone call. This will save you time and allow you to conserve your energy for other tasks. If you do need to meet clients, try to schedule them first thing in the morning; energy levels will be at their peak and you can avoid going out in the energy-sapping midday sun.


Limit interactions on social media 

Most of us are guilty of checking our social media accounts during the working day. Unless your job requires social interactions, try to limit your use of social media at work during Ramadan. You will probably find you can get a lot more done without the distraction!


Build your calendar

Many people travel during the Holy Month so it’s a good idea to find out if your colleagues and clients are flying out during Ramadan so you can schedule your work accordingly. Don’t miss out on deadlines or leave your work pending for when they return. It is always wiser to work smarter.


Choose Healthy Food

By choosing a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein and fibre-rich foods during the non-fasting hours, you can keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Consuming lots of fruits will also help to keep you hydrated for longer and avoiding fried and salty foods will stop you from feeling as thirsty. Perhaps save the extravagant Iftars for the weekends!


Don’t bury yourself at work 

Being part of the festivities at home or attending Iftars organised by friends and family is a part of the spirit of Ramadan. Whilst you still need to get your work done, try not to overload yourself during Ramadan. Ensure that you do make time to catch up with your coworkers and share your festive plans. It is the season for togetherness and celebration after all. And you may even find ways to collaborate with your colleagues to share responsibilities and work more efficiently.

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