Ramadan 2018: Dos & Don’ts

The month of Ramadan affects all of us living in Dubai and with all the festivities happening, shorter working hours and tons of culture, it’s a great time of the year!

If this is your first Ramadan in Dubai, or even if you’re a seasoned expat, there is always a little uncertainty on the rules we should follow throughout this period. Even for those fasting, the do’s and don’ts in Dubai can differ from other countries. We’re a week into the Holy Month and we’ve put together a reminder of what you should and shouldn’t do so that you are mindful and respectful of those around you.abundance-adults-box-696205



Please follow the guidelines of dressing during Ramadan. Men and women should keep shoulders and knees covered at all times.

Accept invitations to Iftars. This is a wonderful way to experience the culture and it is also considered polite to attend if invited.

Take a small gift (such as a box of chocolates or dates) for the host of the Iftar. It is a gracious way of saying thank you.

This is a fantastic time to give back to the community. The very foundation of Ramadan is to be kind and helpful. If you have been planning to get involved with charity or feel strongly towards a certain cause, this is the perfect time to reach out to the many official charities listed in Dubai.



It is forbidden to drink water, eat food, smoke or even chew gum in public. Always check with your office for the designated eating and drinking and smoking areas. If you are found breaking this rule, there could be legal ramifications.

Whilst you should obviously never use offensive language or gestures in Dubai, it is especially important not to do so during Ramadan.

Do not play loud music in your car or at home. Ramadan is a time of reflection and if it can be heard from outside, it is considered disrespectful.

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