Technology – gotta love it but, only when it works

Love it or hate it, technology is crucial for running a smooth business. More to the point, technology that works well and to your advantage is crucial. There is nothing worse than trying to work with an interrupted, slow internet service in an inappropriate working environment and with gadgets and thingamabobs that you understand will improve your efficiency but you don’t really know how to use…

Sound familiar? To many freelancers it does. Our Space People080.jpg

Advances in technology are so rapidly changing that they leave the majority of the non-techy population lagging behind. The net is packed full of guides on “how-to-work-this” and videos to learn “how-to-work-the-other”, but unless you’ve got a considerable amount of free time to actually get your head around each and every app and subsequent update, you generally end up winging it (keeping your fingers crossed that nothing starts going wrong). A short article in provides a brief overview of 4 handy steps and resources to keep up to date with technology.

Even more daunting is the vulnerability of our connection and lifeline to the online world. We probably all know how to re-set a router but if the internet drops altogether, for a freelancer it can be a cause for serious stress. There’s the argument that practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays with direct internet access that doesn’t require Wi-Fi connection, but there’s a limit to how productive you can be working from a small device that is handy for communication but not for writing pages of copy, programming an app or updating a 100-page website.

Luckily for freelancers, Our Space has created fully-serviced, inspiring, shared office spaces where you can work without the worry of technology failing you. In our offices located on the Golden Mile in Marbella, you can find the following plus much more:

  • 100MB dedicated fibre optic line
  • All offices have ethernet connectivity, USB ports and power ports
  • A centralised cloud based air conditioning system. Offices can also control aircon via an app
  • All TV’s are Samsung, and have access to Airplay, Smartview and have direct HDMI
  • 2 private facebooths where you can talk to your clients or colleagues over skype. Connectivity includes a TV screen, HDMI, USB and power ports
  • Conference phones in both meeting rooms
  • Speakers in all communal areas and walkways
  • Wireless microphone for events
  • IT Support

Why not pop in someday to see all this for yourself? We’re currently offering a complimentary one day pass to test-drive our amazing workspace. Click here for more information.

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