Wellness and Innovative Women Entrepreneurs 2018


Over the past few weeks the whole team at Our Space Lamborghini Dubai has witnessed some very exciting events focused on Wellness and Women Entrepreneurs.


The entire team is eager to share the day to day stories of the dynamic business centre here in Dubai; which is already home to a large number of entrepreneurs and SEM companies that believe that Our Space is the perfect habitat in which their businesses shall flourish.


One of the pillar’s that forms the DNA of Our Space is wellness. Many of the current clients and prospect members have expressed a great interest in the biophilic environment and the wellness workshops and packages that Our Space Dubai has designed for them.


A mindfulness workshop is held every weekend for clients at the pop-up space on the first floor of Lamborghini Dubai. A vibrant and dynamic lady is behind the success of this workshop and her company focuses primarily in healing and wellness.


To celebrate International Woman’s day – an event aimed to empower women was also held recently at the venue. The workshop was conducted by a social entrepreneur to help women tap into their untapped resources so that they can transform their lives, businesses and communities.


Our Space Dubai was delighted to host “The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Women” on 20th, 21st and 23rd of March 2018. This is the first event that the organisation hosted since its conceptualization.


The event was a grand success and saw many like-minded women entrepreneurs come together to collaborate and support a new style of working. The event was held over a duration of 3 days and the feedback received regarding the event was phenomenal.


Our Space Dubai hosted the event in partnership with a company called baroqueworldwide and welcomed Maria Euler, a scientist from Sweden to speak about humans finding a better way to resonate and collaborate with one another. This new wave of technology was developed specially for the event at Our Space Dubai.


Many influencers and vloggers have visited the space and have been promoting the brand to their following on various social networks. Yasmine Karina, an entrepreneur in Dubai specialising in fashion, food, beauty, travel and children featured Our Space to her 20,000 followers on Instagram.


Another blogger known as Sreekutty Arun specialising in food, travel and lifestyle featured Our Space Dubai on her blog giving the brand an exposure to over 16,000 Instagram users.



The upcoming coworking mogul is very excited to share stories with you. The team at Our Space Dubai hopes that you become part of an amazing journey and propel the organization to reach new heights and as Our Space expands, build stronger ties with you.

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