Working from home versus working from a coworking office

Working from home can be lonely. After working for the day with little to no human contact (or too many interruptions!) can be cumbersome. As a membership at Our Space Marbella, it allows me to have the flexibility of working in an inspiring environment with the human contact I require, when it suits me. The social element of a coworking environment helps me by stimulating ideas and fresh thinking for my work.


My background:

I am an event manager for an international company. My job entails management of event organising teams, this means I have my base here in Marbella where I work with dozens of remote teams of event experts daily, organising events about our software all around the world, however I travel regularly to many countries around the world.

We all know that working from home isn’t right for everyone. I choose to do this regularly because it enables me to concentrate on the job at hand. However, trying to disconnect when I’ve worked plenty of hours can sometimes be a real challenge. With my membership at Our Space, I have the luxury of working alone, yet in an environment where I can maintain a realistic schedule of productivity and healthy work habits. I also still have the flexibility to work from home when I want to.

Walking into my coworking office simply kick-starts my day in a positive way. The natural, professional environment gives me the energy I need to focus (something that can be difficult to find 5 days a week working alone at home) and the other members’ chimes of “good morning” make me feel welcome and relaxed.

I’ve met new contacts whom I could call “colleagues” in a new sense, they don’t work at my company, however I see them daily in the office and when I travel and return to Our Space, they actually miss me, giving me a real sense of comradery I wouldn’t get from my office at home.

My recommendation? Get dressed, get to our office and give it a try for yourself. If you still need persuading, here’s a big perk – we receive at-desk massages twice a week!

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